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Trainee teachers

Recent trainee teachers share what motivates them to teach.
Parsa Hassan Yazdi is completing a PGCE in Maths teaching

Q&A with Parsa Hassan-Yazdi, Mathematics PGCE

"The IOE has really set me up to teach at a high level which means the students I teach will also be learning at a higher level."

London Teacher of the Year Awards

Q&A with Abbie Sedgeman, Primary PGCE

"I loved the variety of subjects with primary education and building the foundations for a love of learning that can stay with children."

Portrait artwork by pupils at Gladesmore Secondary School. Photo by Phil Meech

Q&A with Luke Jenner

Citizenship PGCE.

Luke on what it takes to succeed in the teaching profession.

Class leader talking to two adults in CPD class

Q&A with Nathan Chilcott

Further Education PGCE*.

Nathan talks about why the broadness of the Further Education (FE) sector inspires him to teach.

*This programme was previously known as the Post Compulsory PGCE.

Bandini Shah, trainee teacher

Q&A with Bandini Shah

Further Education PGCE*.

Bandini completed her PGCE through part-time study. She aims to work with adults who want to improve their English and literacy.

*This programme was previously known as the Post Compulsory PGCE.

Computer cluster in the library

Q&A with Behzad Tarfiee

Further Education PGCE*.

Behzad reflects on the PGCE selection and interview process, and how his current training builds on his previous experience as a teaching professional.

*This programme was previously known as the Post Compulsory PGCE.

IOE building from the west side

Q&A with Simon Squire

Further Education PGCE*.

After a career as an accountant and business owner, Simon found his love for teaching through voluntary work. He outlines four elements of the PGCE that he's found most valuable.

*This programme was previously known as the Post Compulsory PGCE.

Q&A with alumna Charlotte Milner

Q&A with Charlotte Milner

Geography PGCE.

"I see Geography as a fundamental subject in establishing pupils’ sense of place in the world and in developing a critical viewpoint from which to understand contemporary issues."

The White Tower at the Tower of London

Q&A with Chloe Rodgerson

History PGCE.

Chloe believes that London offers the fantastic opportunity to bring the city's history into the classroom and enables students to relate to what they are learning.

Victoria Henshaw, trainee History teacher

Q&A with Victoria Henshaw

History PGCE.

"This is time to think about what kind of teacher you want to be... it’s really laying a foundation that I can use in a very practical sense."

PGCE student Emma

Q&A with Emma Costard

Languages PGCE.

"Lively, interesting, and engaging sessions which make you feel part of something bigger than the PGCE itself."

Rush of pupils leaving the school entrance at home time. Image by Phil Meech for UCL

Q&A with Sabrina Mohamed

Languages PGCE.

As a French national, Sabrina reflects on training to teach in London schools.

Najma Khan, trainee teacher

Q&A with Najma Khan

Mathematics PGCE.

Najma talks about juggling her time between work, study and being a parent, and the skills she's learned through training to teach in a multicultural city.

Laura Sutherland, PGCE Music student of 2020

Q&A with Laura Sutherland

Music PGCE.

"I am very grateful to IOE for making it so easy for me to be confident in my decision to change career."

Trainee teacher Olivia Wills

Q&A with Olivia Wills

Primary PGCE.

Olivia talks about training to teach on the School Direct route, and being able to explore the psychology and philosophy behind learning and education at large.

Rhia Gibbs, trainee social sciences teacher

Q&A with Rhia Gibbs

Social Sciences PGCE.

Rhia shares how she's overcome different challenges while training to teach, and the advice she'd give others who are about to start their training.

An upward looking shot of the IOE building

Q&A with Hadiya Julius

Citizenship PGCE.

Hadiya talks about the value of her school placements and the importance of reaching out to the people around you.