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Make the most of your network by joining the UCL Alumni Online Community and connecting with experienced professionals all over the world. 
  • Find your personal mentor from a list of thousands of experienced professionals.
  • Apply for jobs posted by alumni or recruit talented graduates for your school, college or company.
  • Expand your network and find the people you need to know.
  • Join active alumni groups including the UCL Alumni Teacher network and international groups in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and many more.
The online element provides easy, constant access to a large network of alumni from various programmes and countries. Rather than being limited to alumni from one college or programme of study, I am easily able to log on and search for alumni or opportunities that are of interest to me – Miriam Maya, Primary Education MA (Class of 2005).

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Every year we team up with a range of partners who offer discounts on their products. Register for an alumni benefits card today to start saving.

All UCL Institute of Education alumni are invited to apply to join the London International Development Centre (LIDC). The LIDC facilitates interdisciplinary research and activities to tackle complex problems in international development and create a network of interdisciplinary researchers. They run a programme of related events in conjunction with partner organisations. 

Alumni events

Throughout the year we host a range of academic and professional development events, giving you access to unique venues and the opportunity to hear from our world-class academics and professional experts. 

UCL Connect is the new professional development series for alumni, combining award-winning professional networking events, free online mentoring and CPD courses.

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