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Doctoral students

IOE has the world's biggest cohort of students engaged in education and related social science research at doctoral level.

Our doctoral candidates join one of the world’s most dynamic education research communities, tapping into social science and psychology as well as education to answer questions such as: what is the purpose of education? What should its values be? Who is responsible for education, and what does it mean to be responsible? 

Chawin stands in front of a brick wall wearing a traditional Malay tunic

Q&A with Chawin

Education, Practice and Society MPhil/PhD.

Chawin is on leave from his lecturer and researcher positions in Thailand while he completes his PhD in the role of education in conflict and peacebuilding.

Yeonwoo Jung

Q&A with Yeonwoo Jung

Culture, Communication and Media MPhil/PhD.

Before embarking on a PhD in Applied Linguistics, Yeonwoo's MA dissertation was ranked second in the UK in the British Council's Master's Dissertation Award in English Language Teaching in 2016.

David Ruttenberg

Q&A with David Ruttenberg

Culture, Communication and Media MPhil/PhD.

David aspires to make new and lasting contributions in the field of neuroscience and machine learning - specifically to assist autistic adolescents and adults.

Jonathan James, PhD candidate at the IOE

Q&A with Jonathan James

Education, Practice and Society MPhil/PhD.

Formerly a secondary school teacher in England and France, Jonathan is investigating the impact of Islamist terrorism on education policy and practice in England and France.

Stephanie Hoi-Ying Chan. PhD student, Department of Culture, Communication and Media.

Q&A with Stephanie

Music Education MPhil/PhD.

Stephanie is a doctoral student from Hong Kong. She is studying for a PhD in Music Education and is expected to graduate in 2025.

Claire Forrest, Julie Dockrell and Keeley Dobinson

Q&A with Keeley Dobinson

Psychology and Human Development MPhil/PhD.

Keeley is researching the factors that improve primary school children's oral language skills.

EdD alumna Syreeta

Q&A with Syreeta

Doctorate in mathematics education

Syreeta first came to IOE to complete a Master's in mathematics education, later extending her study of this field through a doctorate.

Suhlim Hwang

Q&A with Suhlim Hwang

Psychology and Human Development MPhil/PhD.

"Dealing with behaviourally difficult children was the most challenging thing that I faced as a teacher in the classroom. I hope that my PhD research can provide useful information for teachers like me and help both students and teachers."

A man captures a selfie in the passenger seat of a car as a young boy looks out from the rear seat.

Q&A with Tom McKenzie

Culture, Communication and Media MPhil/PhD.

Tom McKenzie's PhD looks at informal and formal education of contemporary music producers.