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Representation and retention of Black, Asian and minority ethnic teachers | RFTRW: S08E03

8 March 2021

Hear about the policy implications and why the findings of this study are critical to the future of education.

Dr Antonina Tereshchenko, Research for the Real World

Antonina Tereshchenko, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Teachers and Teaching Research

Dr Antonina Tereshchenko’s research focuses on the sociology of education, and identities and inequalities in education. Her experience in the field stems from her PhD covering the politics of belonging in Ukraine, to examining eastern European migrant students’ experiences, and the attainment of students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Dr Tereshchenko is joined by Dr Keri Wong to discuss the study she led investigating issues facing Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) teachers’ employment.

We explore the differences in the pattern of employment between types of schools, the factors that affect retention, and recommendations for stakeholders such as school leaders, trade unions and policymakers.

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