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What's life like as an only child? | RFTRW: S12E03

13 December 2021

Up to this point little is known about the consequences of growing up without siblings. We hear about research that seeks to analyse the effects on childhood and adulthood outcomes.

Dr Alice Goisis, Dr Jenny Chanfreau, Research for the Real World

Alice Goisis
Associate Professor of Demography

Jenny Chanfreau
Research Fellow

Dr Goisis has a particular interest in how family processes are associated with children and adults’ well-being. An only child herself, Dr Chanfreau also shares similar interests in family demography.

The pair recently completed a study looking into this area which utilised multiple birth-cohort datasets to compare and analyse social/demographic characteristics, health and well-being. 

Helping to unpack the discussion is Dr Keri Wong, who also finds out to what extent only children might have been impacted differently by the pandemic compared to children who grow up with siblings. What are the impacts on mental health? And how about caring responsibilities?

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