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Maximising the impact of second language vocabulary on the design of language learning apps

A research impact and engagement project to help understand how vocabulary research can feed into learning app development.

The project involved the collaboration with several EdTech companies that develop apps for language learning including a vocabulary component (Busuu, Littlebridge, Readable).

It started in March and ended in June 2022.


Advances in technology and digital language learning have led to the design of countless language learning apps, most of which include a vocabulary learning component.


This impact project aimed to bring together vocabulary researchers and educational technology developers, promoting a two-way information exchange.

The goal was to achieve a better understanding of the demands of the market and the way vocabulary research can feed into learning app development. 


Through a networking event, attendees heard about the most recent developments in vocabulary research and how they can be used to inform the design of language learning EdTechs. 

Developers presented some key design issues related to vocabulary, and vocabulary researchers highlight how we can use research findings to address them.

Dr Ana Pellicer-Sanchez, alongside other vocabulary researchers, lead the exploration of how to improve opportunities for vocabulary development in EdTech products with tools and resources to support this process.


Project leader