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Images from RARP-45 open data set


This dataset contains video segments extracted from 45 Robot-Assisted Radical Prostatectomies (RARP) performed by 8 surgeons with different surgical seniority (experienced consultant, senior registrar and junior registrar) using a da Vinci Si Surgical System (Intuitive Surgical, Inc.). The selected segments focus on the suturing of the dorsal vascular complex (DVC), an array of veins and arteries that is sutured to keep bleeding under control after the connection of the prostate to bladder and urethra is cut.

The data consist of endoscopic videos captured from the robotic platform at 60 Hz and gesture annotations from a dictionary of 7 fine-grained bimanual actions and a background class.

The videos are grouped into 2 sets with balanced class proportions, one set for training (36 interventions) and one for testing (9 interventions). As the dataset will be part of the EndoVis challenge at MICCAI 2022, the test set will be released at the end of the challenge. Dowload the dataset here. 

Citing the dataset

Please cite the following publication whenever research making use of this dataset is reported in any academic publication or research report:
Van Amsterdam B, Funke I, Edwards E, Speidel S, Collins J, Sridhar A, Kelly J, Clarkson MJ, Stoyanov D., 2022. Gesture Recognition in Robotic Surgery with Multimodal Attention. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging.


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