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Science of Surgery

In April 2023, we welcomed over 500 members of the public to Science of Surgery, a fun-filled, interactive day of activities demonstrating how science and engineering at WEISS are changing surgery.


At the beginning of April, we were thrilled to open our doors and welcome over 500 people from the local community to our annual science fair – Science of Surgery. The event was a fun-filled, interactive day of activities with WEISS scientists demonstrating and celebrating the innovative medical technology they are working on.

Taking place inside Charles Bell House, the hub for WEISS research, the event featured 25 different activity stations delivered by 80 of our researchers from all levels across the Centre.

“Absolutely amazing, staff were wonderful, approachable and knowledgeable, thank you!” 

Science of Surgery visitor

A child taking part in a hands-on demo with a researcher

Highlights included ultrasound levitation, nanorobots, give-it-a-go mock robotic surgery, and a behind-the-scenes tour of the lab and mock operating theatre.

The activities were developed by researchers from WEISS’ main research groups, with a dedicated activity lead from each project's team managing their response. By designing the activities to be interactive and fun, the event staff were able to break down concepts for younger visitors while discussing research themes with those looking for more detail.  

A researcher demonstrating research to a child

WEISS' Deputy Director for Engagement, Dr Evangelos Mazomenos, said: "It was wonderful to see so many families engage with the activities so enthusiastically. It's an important day for us as we share and celebrate the cutting-edge technological research different groups are working on. Hopefully, we might inspire some of the children to become MedTech scientists or clinicians themselves in the future. A huge thank you to all WEISS staff for their creativity, time and effort in putting the day together."

“The event was a true spectacle, presenting mesmerising demonstrations enjoyed by parents and children of all ages.”

Science of Surgery visitor

Prof Andrew Nisbet, Head of the UCL Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering department, said: “Science of Surgery is, without doubt, one of the highlights of the year, and it was amazing to see so many children and adults of all ages, so engaged with our fabulous staff in the demos of our world-leading research.”

The WEISS Public Engagement team - Simon Watt and Phil Wiles - organised Science of Surgery. The event is part of a varied public engagement programme at the Centre, allowing WEISS staff to develop their research communication skills while providing a platform for the Centre to reach out to local organisations. If you want to learn about public engagement opportunities at WEISS, contact our Public Engagement Manager, Simon Watt or our Public Engagement Co-ordinator, Phil Wiles.