UCL EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Intelligent Integrated Imaging in Healthcare



Each project is co-led by an imaging specialist, clinical specialist and often also a specialist in one of our enabling technologies, such as AI, big data, robotics or human-computer interaction.

Every student under our CDT has the opportunity to choose a unique research project which aligns to both a methodological imaging and clinical theme. 

Each project we accept is chosen for its translational potential, close clinical relevance and associated areas of expertise from the primary supervisors. The supervisory team on every project must cover both an engineering and clinical specialism to ensure each students gets a broad understanding of both the technical aspects and real-world application of their research. The project often (but not necessarily) forms the basis for the student’s PhD research. 

Students who are accepted for the open route will have the opportunity to choose their project from a large portfolio before the start of the programme.  They will have the chance to meet the supervisory teams of their top choices before making their decisions. Take a look at our current CDT in Medical Imaging's projects for examples of the kind of research that occurs here at UCL.

There are also a set number of Named Projects available which students can apply to directly, if this specific project is a good match for them. See our Named Projects available here

Example projects:

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