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Featuring Women in CS by Mar Estarellas

25 May 2021

Women in CS

by Mar Estarellas
Featuring Women in CS. In this new series, we highlight some amazing women in CS at UCL. We're delighted to share our first 10 minute interview! For the month of May we spoke to i4health student Anna Schroder (UCL POND) about her work, her hobbies and her experience of being a woman in CS. 

We'd love to hear your feedback, don't hesitate to message us! If you are interested in what we're doing and you'd like to be interviewed, you can contact Mar Estarellas (rmapest@ucl.ac.uk). 
Mar is still looking for women in Computer Science to update the facebook cover photo. For now, 20 women have participated but the more the better! You can send her your picture at