The science behind the research

The Institute for Materials Discovery focuses on the development of nanocomposite coatings for structural and functional applications.
The inclusion of nanofillers on polymer matrixes allows careful control of topography, texture and chemical composition. Tuning of the functional and structural properties of the coatings is thus made possible.

Ongoing research

The Institute of Materials Discovery has developed several nanocomposite coatings, mainly using novel non-vacuum vapour deposition methods. We have designed and manufactures coatings that have achieved superior performance in anti-icing, resistance to high stress voltage breakdown, fuel cells, thermal barrier coating and osteoconductivity for bone repair.

  Fig 1. SEM of MWCNT based nanocomposite coating for anti-icing/de-icing integrated application at increasing magnifications

SEM image of MWCNT based nanocomposite coating.jpg
 Fig 2. Cross-section SEM of epoxy based nanocomposite for high voltage DC stress resistance.

Cross-section SEM of epoxy based nanocomposite.jpg
 Fig 3. SEM of hydroxyapatite/PDLLA nanocomposite coating and scaffold with cultured bone cells.

SEM image of hydroxyapatite PDLLA nanocomposite coating.jpg

Recent publications


  • Patent submitted to UK Intellectual Property Office (Patent Application Number GB1512618.8). KL Choy, J Restivo, Novel anti-icing and/or de-icing coating and technologies