Dr Georgios Nikiforidis

Dr Georgios Nikiforidis

Associate Lecturer (Teaching)

Institute for Materials Discovery

MAPS Faculty Office

Joined UCL
17th Jan 2022

Research summary

George's research interests are listed below: 

-  Energy storage: Redox flow, polymer, and metal-ion batteries, microbial and biofuel cells, supercapacitors

    • Electrolyte design, optimization, and evaluation (solid-state, ionic liquids, deep eutectic solvents)
    • Electrode design (thin films, scaffolds, hydrogels, microelectrode arrays)
    • Synthesis, processing, and design of materials via electropolymerization (conjugated polymers)

-  Photocatalysis and Electrocatalysis

    • Semiconductors, metal oxide catalysts for oxygen evolution and reduction reactions, CO2 reduction and solar-driven systems

-  Techno-economic analysis of Energy Storage Systems 

    • Levelized cost of energy, life cycle analysis, and cash flow models

-  Raw materials recycling and re-use of components and/or products from end-of-life technologies

Teaching summary

Teaching parts of the following modules:

  • Microstructural control in Advanced Materials (NSCI0009)
  • Materials Selection Discovery (NSCI0012)
  • Advanced Energy Storage (NSCI0020)
  • Research Methodology (NSCI00115)
  • Literature Project (NSCI0016)
  • Research Project (NSCI0017)


With a solid background in chemical engineering, physical chemistry, and materials science, I specialize in the design, synthesis, and characterization of materials and electrolytes for energy storage devices. Twelve years of research experience have granted me detailed technical knowledge and expertise in high and low-temperature electrochemical cells, spanning from redox flow batteries, photo-assisted flow cells, supercapacitors, aqueous and non-aqueous metal batteries, biofuel cells, and electrochemical water-splitting devices. I have worked and collaborated in several institutions and universities around the globe leading to 38 publications and 1 book chapter. Highly motivated, I pursued further education in Economics and Finance, which have provided me with a well-rounded understanding of the energy storage market. This makes me a versatile candidate with a unique outlook on the energy storage industry.