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Inclusion Leads
  • To be a first point of contact for individual equality, diversity and inclusion issues within the department
  • To be a resource within the department to whom staff and students can come for information and advice, distributing and drawing attention to new equality developments and legislative change, ensuring staff and students are familiar with the relevant UCL policies and procedures
  • To provide valuable feedback about equality, diversity and inclusion implementation at a departmental level
  • To liaise with the Head of Department about implementing good practice on equalitiy, diversity and inclusion within the department

The Information Studies Inclusion Leads are:

Dignity Advisors

UCL has a network of trained Dignity Advisors who provide an informal, confidential information service to staff and students on issues relating to bullying, harassment, and sexual misconduct.


Dignity Advisors can:

  • Offer confidential information on issues relating to harassment, bullying and equality
  • Listen to you without making any judgments about what you say
  • Help you to clarify your thoughts about what is happening
  • Explain the informal and formal procedures under the policy for prevention of bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct
  • Help you to explore the various options available to you
  • Help you to explore other sources of support which may be available to you

Dignity Advisors cannot:

  • Tell you what you should do
  • Act as your advocate
  • Make decisions on whether bullying or harassment has taken place
  • Maintain confidentiality if they believe that there is a risk of harm to you or others

A list of Dignity Advisors for the Faculty of Arts and Humanities can be found on the Dignity Advisors web pages