Information Studies



People in the Department by Surname

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Academic and Research Staff

  • Antonis Bikakis MSc, PhD, PCTLHPE. Associate Professor, KIDS Co-director, Programme Co-director for the MSc in Information Science, Computing (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Daniel Boswell MA, MSc, PhD. Senior Teaching Fellow, Director of Studies 
  • Liz Bruchet PhD, Senior Teaching Fellow, MA in Archives & Records Managament
  • Jenny Bunn BA, MA, PhD. Lecturer, Dept. E-Learning Champion, Concepts and Contexts, Curation and Stewardship and EAD and Digitisation of Archives.
  • Nick Canty BA, MSc. Lecturer, Publishing
  • Adam Crymble PhD, FRHist. Lecturer of Digital Humanities
  • Luke Dickens MPhys, MSc, PhD. Lecturer, KIDS Co-director, Admissions Tutor for the MSc in Information Science, Computing (Machine Learning), Connected Learning Co-lead
  • Oliver Duke-Williams BSc, MA, PhD. Associate Professor, Departmental Database and Digital Identity Manager, Digital Humanities; Demographic and spatial data
  • Andrew Flinn BA, MArAd, PhD. Reader, Director of Research, Chair of the Board of Examiners for the MA/Diploma/Certificate in Archives and Records Management, International Professional Contexts; Access: Policies and Practices
  • Alison Hicks MA, MSIS, PhD. FHEA, MCLIP. Lecturer, Information literacy, Information practices, Digital scholarship, MA Library and Information Studies Programme Director 
  • Charlie Inskip BA, MSc, PGCE, PhD. Associate Professor
  • Hannah Ishmael PhD, Senior Teaching Fellow, MA in Archives & Records Managament
  • Professor Tim Jordan Director, Arts and Sciences Programme (BASc), Professor of Digital Cultures
  • Elizabeth Lomas BA, MA, PhD. Associate Professor, Archives and Records Management, Departmental Tutor 
  • Annemaree Lloyd BA, GDipSocSci, GDipAppSci, MAppSci, PhD. Professor (Chair)  Department of Information Studies, Departmental Tutor (Research Students)
  • Simon Mahony BA, MA, CELTA, AKC. Professor, Professorial Teaching Fellow in Digital Humanities
  • Rob Miller BA, MSc, PhD, PGCE. Associate Professor, KIDS Co-director, Programme Co-director for the MSc in Information Science, Computing (Artificial Intelligence, Applied Logic and Knowledge Representation)
  • Julianne Nyhan BA, PGCTLHE, PhD. Associate Professor of Digital Information Studies, Programme Director for the MA/MSc in Digital Humanities, Digital Humanities
  • Melanie Ramdarshan Bold MA, PhD, FHEA. Associate Professor, Deputy Admissions Tutor and Chair of the Board of Examiners for the MA in Publishing, Book and Publishing History (20th and 21st C.), Authorship, Copyright/IPR, Departmental Inclusion Co-lead. 
  • Samantha Rayner BA, MA, PGCE, PhD. Associate Professor, Deputy Head of Department, Director of the Centre for Publishing, Publishing history/paratexts, bibliography, bookselling, bibliotherapy, Medieval and Arthurian Lit.
  • Daniela Romano BSc, MSc, PhD, FHEA, MIEEE. Senior Teaching Fellow, Computing and Information Systems
  • Vassilis Routsis BA, MSc, PhD. Research Associate, Spatial data; Visualisation and user experience; Machine learning; Privacy and technology
  • Anna Sexton BA, MA, PhD. Lecturer in Archives and Records Management, MA in Archives and Records Management Programme Director
  • Elizabeth Shepherd BA, MA, PhD, DMS, DAS, ILIM, RMSA. Professor, Head of Department, Archives and records management; Creation and Capture of records; history of archives in the UK
  • Alison Sizer PhD. Research Assistant
  • Hannah Smyth Marie Curie Research Fellow
  • Karen Stepanyan MSc, PhD, FHEA. Senior Teaching Fellow, Computing and Information Systems, Connected Learning Co-Lead. 
  • Andreas Vlachidis BSc, MSc, PhD, MBCS, FHEA. Lecturer in Information Science
  • Foteini Valeonti PhD, BSc, MFA. AHRC Innovation Leadership Fellow
  • Peter Williams PhD. Post-doctoral Research Fellow
  • Caroline Wintersgill BA, MSc, MA, PGCTLHE, FHEA. Senior Teaching Fellow, MA Publishing Programme Director

Professional Services Staff

  • Fernando Alves Dos Santos Departmental Coordinator
  • Sarah Davenport BA. Teaching and Learning Administrator (DH, IS), Departmental Inclusion Co-lead, Deputy Departmental Manager. 
  • Ian Evans BSc. Teaching and Learning Administrator (PUB, MRes, PhD, Short Courses)
  • Hanna James BA, MA, AATQB Finance and Research Officer
  • Laura Keshav MA. Teaching and Learning Administrator (ARM, LIS)
  • Dimitrios Kraniotis BA, MA, MSc. Departmental Manager, Faculty (A&H) Process Fix Lead, Departmental Safety Officer, Departmental Sustainability (Green) Champion

Emeritus and Visiting Academics

  • Vanda Broughton MA. Professor, Chair of the Board of Examiners for the Diploma/MA in Library and Information Studies, KOARG Co-director, Classification, Information Sources
  • Michelle Brown BA, PhD. Professor
  • Keith Clark BA, MA, DIC, PhD. Visiting Professor
  • Simon Eliot BA, MA, PhD. Visiting Professor
  • Mirjam Foot BA, MA, DLitt, FSA. Professor
  • Susan Hockey. Professor
  • Michael Jubb MA, PhD, FRHist, FRSA.
  • John Mcllwaine BA, MCLIP. Professor
  • Stephen Robertson BA, MSc, PhD. Professor
  • Chris Russell BSc.
  • Jane Sayers MA, BLit, PhD, LittD, FRHistS, FSA. Professor
  • Claire Squires BA (Hons), MA, DPhil. Honorary Professor, 20th/21st century book cultures & publishing
  • Melissa Terras: Honorary Professor of Digital Humanities UCLDH, Professor of Digital Cultural Heritage and Director of Digital Scholarship, College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, University of Edinburgh.
  • Claire Warwick MA, MPhil, PhD. Professor, Digital Humanities, User Studies
  • Shirley Williams BSc, PhD, FBCS, CEng, CITP, CSci. Professor

Honorary Research Staff and Lecturers

  • John Akeroyd BSc, DipLIS, PhD, MCLIP.
  • Rudolf Ammann MA, PhD. Honorary Research Associate
  • Jane Audas BA, MPhil. Honorary Research Associate
  • David Bawden BSc, MSc, PhD.
  • Giles Bergel BA, MA, PhD, Honorary Research Associate, Digital Humanities, Book History.
  • John Bowman MA, MA, PhD, MCLIP.
  • Ian Brown PhD, FRSA, FBCS, CITP.
  • Alberto Campagnolo PhD. Honorary Research Associate, Digital humanities, books as objects in digital projects, and book conservation
  • Ian Cornelius BA, MLitt, PhD, GradDipLib.
  • James Cronin MA, MATLHE (NUI, Cork); PDBJ (UCLan). Honorary Research Associate
  • Elizabeth Danbury BA, FSA.
  • Andy Dawson BA, DLIS, MCLIP, MEI. Honorary Associate Professor
  • Anna Faherty MA, PGCLTHE. Honorary Lecturer, Business of publishing, creativity, pedagogy, museum interpretation
  • Peter Foden BA, MArAd.
  • Helen Forde BA, PhD, FSA.
  • Isabel Galina BA, MSc, PhD.
  • Lucy Gildersleeves MA, MCLIP. Honorary Lecturer, Management; Library Services to Children and Young People
  • Hilda Kean BA, MA, DPhil, FRHistS, FHEA. Honorary Senior Research Associate
  • Kosmas Kosmopoulos BSc, MSc, MBA. Honorary Lecturer
  • Darryl Mead BSc, MSc, PhD, FCLIP, CELTA, FRSA . Honorary Research Associate Digital Humanities
  • Martin Moir MA, FRAS.
  • Dr Alec Mulinder, PhD, Honorary Senior Research Associate
  • Martin Neild MA. Honorary Lecturer
  • Jon Newbury BA, MA. Teaching Fellow
  • David Pearson BA, MA, PhD. Honorary Senior Research Associate, History of the book, particularly ownership, private libraries and bookbinding
  • Kathryn Piquette BA, MA, PhD. Honorary Research Associate
  • Louise Ray BA, MA. Honorary Lecturer
  • Jonathan Rhys-Lewis ACR, CertArchCons.
  • Lyn Robinson BSc, MSc, PhD.
  • Michael Roper CB, HonDLitt, MA, FRHistS, FSA.
  • David Rundle MA, DPhil. Honorary Lecturer
  • Katharine Schopflin BA, MA, PhD. Honorary Lecturer
  • Alison Searle BA Hons, PhD. Honorary Senior Research Associate, Renaissance drama, religion and literature, the imagination, letters, editing & digital humanities
  • Susan Stead BA, PGDip.
  • Alda Terracciano BA (Hons), MA, PhD. Honorary Research Associate, Community-based archives & activism; Black and Asian theatre in the UK
  • Clare Thornley MA, MSc, PhD.
  • Anne Thurston PhD, OBE. Honorary Research Associate
  • Michael B. Toth BA. Honorary Research Associate, Advanced digitization for global access
  • Edward Vanhoutte BA, MA. Honorary Research Associate
  • Astrid Von Rosen PhD. Honorary Senior Research Associate, dance archives & archiving, participatory methodology, historiography, images & digital challenges
  • Anthony Watkinson MA. Honorary Lecturer, Scholarly Communication, Social Media, Scholarly Outreach, Data
  • James Willoughby MA, DPhil, FSA.
  • Penelope Woolf BA, PhD. Honorary Lecturer
  • Geoffrey Yeo. Honorary Senior Research Associate, Archives and Records Management

Current PhD Students