Pre-Clinical Models

Research within the FLARRE Consortium currently makes use of a number of innovative pre-clincal models. Click on the headings below to discover more.

Bone & Cartilage
  • Biphasic osteochondral gel-base matrix system for mesenchymal stem cell differentiation

  • Conjunctival scarring in the context of glaucoma filtration surgery (post-surgical scarring in the Tenon's capsule)
  • Trachoma scarring: upper eyelid scarring during the progression of trachomatous trichiasis
  • Thyroid Eye Disease (or Graves' Orbithopathy): orbital fibroblast adipogenesis and fibrosis
  • Tubular collagen scaffolds for smooth muscle cells
  • 3D bioengineered skeletal muscle constructs to mode aged phenotypes
  • 3D collagen gel construct for the measurement of force generation
  • 3D myotube constructs as a marker of muscle extracellular matrix remodeling
  • Skin blister models:

a) Cantharidin-induced blisters 

b) Suction blisters with or without prior intra-dermal inoculation of heat-killed bacteria

c) Suction blister-induced skin windows coupled to an "exudate collecting chamber"

  • RAFT and plastic compression rapid fabrication of tissues
  • OOPS principle for mechano-control of cells (e.g. "Ultraband" garment device for reduction of skin scarring in pregnancy)
  • Biocompatible collagen and biodegradable flat warp-knitted PLACL mesh scaffold for static cell culture
  • Living skin equivalents (LSE) from collagen hydrogel encapsulated keratinocytes and fibroblasts under a mechanical compression protocol
Systemic Inflammation
  • Intravenous endotoxemia - to induce systemic inflammation
  • Ultra-rapid engineering of tissue-like constructs using plastic compression of type I collagen gels
  • A four-strand grasp modified interlocking suture technique for a rapid collagen-based tendon repair model