Our Vision

The FLARRE Consortium unites basic, biomedical and clinical scientists at all levels from across UCL with industrial and international collaborators.

FLARRE aims to highlight research in inflammation, tissue remodelling, scarring and fibrosis, to develop a UCL cluster of expertise and research excellence. This is translated into commercial enterprise, leading to improved patient care.

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file for more information on how FLARRE seeks to support industry to achieve these aims.

The FLARRE vision is to:

  • Develop and promote a UCL cluster of expertise in FLARRE
  • Highlight multidisciplinary skills and promote synergy across UCL
  • Identify and promote emerging talent at UCL
  • Augment commercial engagement and develop interaction with industry
  • Enhance international academic collaborations
  • Promote patient benefit by facilitating translation of innovative research into commercial enterprise
  • To champion drug repositioning, by exploring therapeutic switching and drug re-tasking