Translational Studies

Working with UCLC, FLARRE offers a unique portfolio of resources and expertise to external collaborators. Download a summary of FLARRE services.pdf

Experimental models 

A host of in vivo models are available across the consortium to examine aspects of disease pathogenesis and as pre-clinical models to validate targets and potential therapies. In particular, models are available to asses pathway engagement and to study organ based disease of the eye, lung, skin and kidney.

We also have expertise across a range of pre-clinical models.

Translational Studies

The consortium hosts:

  • BioBanks - serum, plasma, tissues, DNA and RNA
  • Primary cell lines and disease relevant cells for in vitro investigation into reguatory pathways and methods of fibrosis. These can be used for target validation and expression profiling.

Clinical Trials

UCL and UCL Partners have a wealth of experience in clinical trials, across several key fibrotic disease areas, including:

  • Phase I, II & III proof-of-mechanism studies
  • First-in-Man studies

Please contact FLARRE for more information on any of these areas.