Mudera, Vivek

Muscoskeletal engineering & wound healing

mudera, vivek

Vivek Mudera is the Institute Director of Education at UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Science. His main research themes include in vitro and in vivo musculoskeletal engineering and wound healing.

He is the Director of Education at the Institute of Orthopaedics and Musculoskeletal Science, Graduate Tutor for the Division of Surgery and Interventional Sciences and Educational lead on the Divisional Executive committee. He is also an active member of the UK Tissue Engineering Community, and an elected member of the EPSRC College. Highlights of his work include the investigation of the role of specific cell migration during flexor tendon healing and formation of adhesions, the prevention of adhesion formation using protein blockers to inhibit cell migration, and the identification of cellular mechanisms in Dupuytren's Contracture and Frozen Shoulder. Research activities also include the development of 3D Tendon, skin and muscle organoids using mechanical cues in bespoke bioreactors and the identification of key molecular and cellular markers.

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Email Address: v.mudera@ucl.ac.uk

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