Hsuan, Justin

Signal Transduction & Proteomics

Photo Justin Hsuan

Justin Hsuan is the Director of the Centre for Molecular Cell Biology, Executive Director of the Royal Free Centre for Biomedical Science, and Professor of Molecular Cell Biology in UCL's Institute for Liver and Digestive Health. He has extensive experience of successful international research collaborations with industrial partners, leading to the discovery and validation of multiple novel signalling proteins and translation of clinically important protein targets into patents, with long-term industrial licensing. Current major research interests include ECM (matrisome) proteomic and bioinformatic studies of fibrosis, and interactome modelling for rational tissue engineering and therapeutic intervention.

A postdoctoral fellowship at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in London was followed by ten years as a research group leader, as well as a faculty position in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at UCL. He was then awarded a Wellcome Trust Senior Fellowship and moved to the Division of Medicine at the Royal Free Campus where he subsequently founded the Royal Free Centre for Biomedical Science, which brings advanced scientific and technical expertise in proteomics, microscopy and transgenics to university and NHS-based translational research projects.

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Email address: j.hsuan@ucl.ac.uk

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