Giangreco, Adam

Stem cell signalling and tissue repair

Giangreco, Adam

Adam Giangreco is a Principal Research Associate (Reader) in the Lungs for Living Research Centre of the UCL Division of Medicine.  His major research interests involve elucidating the fundamental mechanisms driving cancer initiation and regeneration in epithelial tissues using novel in vitro and in vivo models.  Since joining UCL in 2009 his research has focused on investigating the role of stem cells in epithelial repair.  In particular, Dr Giangreco studies how intercellular adhesion and downstream signalling within stem cells regulates homeostasis, repair, and tumorigenesis in both lung and thymus tissues.

Adam Giangreco completed his MSc and PhD training at the Universities of Rochester and Pittsburgh in the United States before moving to the UK in 2004 as an NIH and Marshall Sherfield research fellow at Cancer Research UK.  His laboratory is supported through funding from a European Research Council Starting Grant, the UK Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, and the UCL Grand Challenges in Global Health Initiative. 

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Email Address: a.giangreco@ucl.ac.uk

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