Fish, Paul

Medicinal Chemistry:  Drug design & Discovery

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Paul Fish is Professor and Chair of Medicinal Chemistry at the UCL School of Pharmacy, and leader of the Drug Discovery Cluster based within the School. His research activities are focussed on the design and synthesis of small molecule drug candidates and the identification of new small molecule Chemical Probes for Bromodomain (BRD), Histone Methyl Transferase (HMT) and Histone Demethylase (HDM) epigenetic protein drug targets. His group also seeks to apply chemical pharmaceutics and chemical biology to improve drug delivery to the site of drug action, and to create bespoke, proprietary compound collections suitable for screening in Hit Generation for single protein targets and phenotypical cell-based models.

He undertook PhD studies in synthetic organic chemistry at the University of Nottingham and subsequently moved to the USA where he performed postdoctoral research at Harvard University and then Stanford University. He started his career in drug discovery in 1994 as a medicinal chemist in the pharmaceutical industry and through his research he has helped to co-discover and deliver sixteen drug candidates across several therapeutic disease areas, some of which have gone on to advanced clinical studies. He moved to the UCL School of Pharmacy in 2012.

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