Daniels, Julie

Stem cell based anti-scarring strategies for eye blinding disease

Daniels JT

Julie Daniels is Professor of Regenerative Medicine and Cellular Therapy, and Founder and Director of the Cells for Sight Tissue Stem Cell Therapy Research Unit at the Moorfields Eye Hospital.  Her research centres on understanding the biology and therapeutic potential of stem cells (and the cells with which they interact) in order to develop and deliver novel cell-based therapies to patients suffering from blinding ocular surface disorders. Research work includes studying limbal epithelial stem cells (LESC) which maintain the vision critical corneal epithelium on the front of the eye. Other areas of interest include; detailed investigation of the stem cell niche using a combination of novel imaging techniques, understanding the role of the niche in LESC function, correction of LESC dysfunction using gene therapy and development and application of advanced laboratory and clinical techniques for human LESC transplantation, and  the role of growth factors in corneal wound healing, and in particular the blinding process of scarring, in order to identify potential therapeutic anti-scarring strategies. 

She gained her PhD from the University of Leeds.  She moved to UCL/Moorefields Eye Hospital to become Professor of Regenerative Medicine and Cellular Therapy in 2011.

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Email address: j.daniels@ucl.ac.uk

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