Calder, Virginia

Chronic inflammatory eye diseases and allergy

Calder, Virginia

Virginia Calder is Senior Lecturer in Ocular Biology at UCL Institute of Ophthalmology.  Her main research interests involve understanding the immune mechanisms involved in chronic inflammatory eye diseases, in order to improve therapeutic strategies.  The research group focuses on applying novel anti-inflammatory agents to the experimental model of uveitis and in several in vitro models of ocular allergy and developing of a range of experimental models of ocular allergy. The relative contribution of each cytokine will be investigated in an attempt to further unravel the molecular mechanisms involved in each subtype of ocular disease.

She obtained a PhD in Immunology at the University of London.  Her vast teaching experience includes positions as MSc course Program Director, Director of UCL Masters modules, departmental tutor and undergraduate project supervisor.

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Email adddress: v.calder@ucl.ac.uk

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