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What our students say

Hear from some of our students about their experience of studying on our MSc Infection and Immunity programme:


Photo of former student Sophie North
I applied to the Infection & Immunity MSc because I wanted to learn more about the battle between pathogens and their hosts. I was very impressed with both the quality of the content and the overall organisation of the course, especially in the light of COVID uncertainties. Course directors, administrators, supervisors, and lecturers have all been supportive, helpful, and approachable. Ultimately, I found my skillset was boosted in many ways, including absorbing journal papers much more effectively and presenting my work concisely.
I selected optional modules mainly based on the themes of viruses, evolution, and epidemiology, and found these all to be varied and interesting. I enjoyed the numerous opportunities to explore my own interests in essays and exams, rather than having to follow a strict brief each time. It was a shame to miss out on the practical laboratory work due to the pandemic; however, for me, this presented a great opportunity to complete a computational research project. This sparked such an interest that I am now pursuing a PhD in computational disease modelling.
Overall, I would not hesitate in recommending this course to anyone interested!

Sophie North, MSc Student 2020-21

Photo of former student Ramy Alesi Slama

I chose the MSc Infection and Immunity to gain more in-depth knowledge and experience in various areas of Immunology. The course absolutely delivered and exceeded my expectations; I was able to learn a great deal in the fields of cancer immunology, autoimmune diseases and immune deficiencies. Lectures were delivered by leading experts, passionate about their work and most willing to interact and discuss with students. Most importantly, the programme directors and administrators genuinely cared about our cohort’s success and wellbeing and played an integral part in ensuring the high quality of the MSc.

Due to the pandemic’s restrictions, I undertook a remote primary data analysis project on CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing. Whilst it undoubtedly would have been better to be able to conduct it in person in the laboratory, my project supervisors and the entire lab team were understanding and supportive, helping me become well versed on the topic. By the end of the MSc, I became more confident in my ability to undertake scientific research, gained widely applicable practical skills, became even more enthusiastic about the field and built a valuable network. I am very happy with my choice and highly recommend this MSc programme."

Ramy Alesi Slama, MSc Student 2020-21


Photo of former student Max Robinson
The MSc in Infection and Immunity is a terrific course to become more closely acquainted with infectious disease and the body's immune system. The choice of modules is vast and covers a number of topics, from Tropical Microbiology to Immunodeficiency. Some students on the course had little experience in immunology but were quickly up to date by the end of the first term, which is a good indication of the organisation and thought put into this course by the module directors. A highlight for me was the 5-month laboratory project from April to August. I was able to choose a topic that fascinated me (immune checkpoint biology) and work alongside world-leading researchers at the Institute for Immunity and Transplantation. I had no lab skills at the beginning of the project, yet by the end I was performing most of the experiments myself and designing my own protocols. This is an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with frontline research and to garner the skills needed to apply for a PhD or laboratory job. The course directors and lab supervisors are very approachable and provided me with a lot of support throughout the MSc and afterwards when needing references. I would thoroughly recommend this course."

Maximillian Robinson, MSc Student 2018-19

photo of former student Kate Annesley
I applied for the MSc Infection and Immunity because I was interested in pursuing a PhD and thought that the MSc would give me the skills and knowledge required to do so, and I was not disappointed. The quality of teaching is excellent because you are being taught by world-class researchers who use their most recent work to inform students of current advancements. My 5-month research project has been the most valuable experience, both personally and professionally. My supervisor was so supportive and encouraging but also allowed me to be independent and design my own experiments, which made my project an enjoyable experience. Completing my MSc has been the best investment for my future because it's given me the confidence and skills to continue onto a PhD."

Kate Annesley, MSc Student 2018-19

Photo of former student Samantha Thomas
I chose this MSc to strengthen my foundation in a subject I thought I already knew, but I was introduced to so many new and exciting fields within infection and immunology that I had no previous experience in. The wide range of modules are all taught by lecturers who are so passionate about their field that they can't wait to share it and happily answer all questions during the lecture by email. Being able to choose modules and even focus on specific topics within modules which appealed more to me really allowed me to learn what I find most interesting and will want to be a part of in future. The 5-month lab project was the most stressful but fun thing I've ever done and like everything with this Master's, you get out what you put in. I couldn't be more happy with my choice of Master's."

Samantha Thomas, MSc Student 2018-19


Liora Sherr
" UCL is not only an institution of innovation, inspiration and intellect, but a bustling hub of opportunity and nurturing. The MSc provided me with an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of infection and immunity as well as the opportunity to work alongside leading researchers in their field. I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful window into the world of cutting edge research and the resulting fantastic opportunities open to me after its completion."

Liora Sherr, MSc Student 2015-16

Shaun Maguire
" I was delighted by the quality of teaching and advice provided by staff throughout this course. The variety of taught modules was excellent and the laboratory project was a particular highlight. Ultimately this MSc has given me valuable skills necessary to pursue a career in scientific research."

Shaun Maguire, MSc Student 2015-16

Juliana Cudini
" UCL offers its students an engaging educational experience where content is delivered by researchers at the cutting edge of modern science. Focus on critical and creative thinking turn students into budding investigators, and the broad range of research being undertaken in the department allows each student the opportunity to pursue what inspires them. This MSc programme allowed me to immerse myself in a research environment with the background and skills I needed to succeed as a scientific investigator. Following my 3-month research project, I was fortunate enough to begin my career in the same lab I completed my thesis before pursuing a PhD."

Juliana Cudini, MSc Student 2015-16


Hibo Asad
" I chose this specific master's degree due to its combination of infection and immunology as well as its epidemiological components. Choosing to study MSc in Infection and Immunity has been one of the best investments I have made in my future. I was really impressed with the quality of education provided by world class experts, enriching their lecture topics with input of their innovative research. Obtaining this degree has really allowed me to develop personally and academically, and without it I doubt that I would continue onto a PhD programme in Infectious Disease Epidemiology."

Hibo Asad, MSc Student 2014-15

Harriet Mok
" I applied for the MSc Infection and Immunity because of my interest in viruses and the immune response, and I entered with only a very basic understanding of the subject. The varied choice of modules, the research based lectures and laboratory projects, and my peers, helped me complete my postgraduate degree with an extensive knowledge of the overall concepts of infection and immunity, as well as an even deeper understanding of the topic that interested me most. Not only did this course provide me with the skills and scientific ability needed to undertake a PhD, but the 3 month laboratory project within the programme directly lead me to my current PhD position."

Harriet Mok, MSc Student 2014-15