Division of Infection and Immunity


Research Degrees at the Centre for Clinical Microbiology

Students in the CCM use our facilities and support to research a wide range of topics. Details of current and past students' postgraduate studies are below.

Current students and their project titles (session 2018/19)

Ms Eloise Busby
Title: Metrology and molecular diagnosis of infection
Supervisors: Professor Tim McHugh, Dr Jim Huggett (University of Surrey), Dr Emmanuel Wey
Ms Sylvia Rofael
Title: Airway microbiome in chronic lung disease
Supervisors: Professor Tim McHugh, Prof John Hurst, Professor Dave Spratt, Dr Marc Lipman
Ms Mercedes Lucas Mejia
Working title: Mycobacterial Biomarkers: MALDI-TOF MS for mycobacterial identification
Supervisors: Professor Tim McHugh, Dr Marc Lipman, Dr Jim Huggett (University of Surrey)
Ms Kerry Roulston
Working title: Improved detection and diagnostic strategies for multi-drug resistant Gram-negative bacteria in high risk patients.
Supervisors: Dr Susan Hopkins, Professor Tim McHugh
Dr Hanouf Niyazi
Title: Molecular phenotyping of the mycobacterial response to drug treatment
Supervisors: Professor Tim McHugh, Dr Marc Lipman
Dr Sara Murthy
Title: Tuberculosis: measuring outcomes in clinical trials
Supervisors: Professor Tim McHugh, Professor Stephen Gillespie (St Andrews)
Ms Zahra Sadouki
Working title: Integrating pharmacological modelling with conventional microbiology to improve predictions of drug efficacy and emergence of antimicrobial drug resistance 
Supervisors: Professor Ibrahim Abubakar, Professor Tim McHugh, Dr Frank Kloprogge

Recently awarded - 2018/19

Dr Conor Tweed
Title: Toxicity Related to the Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Supervisors: Professor Sarah Meredith, Professor Tim McHugh, Dr Marc Lipman
Dr Giovanni Satta
Title: Meeting the challenge of drug resistant tuberculosis
Supervisors: Professor Tim McHugh and Dr Marc Lipman

Recently awarded - 2017/18

Dr Kartykayan Moganeradj
Title: IS6110 FAFLP PCR, a tool for genomic mapping enabling investigation of evolutionary relationships of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in resource poor settings
Supervisors:  Dr Catherine Arnold (UCL & HPA), Professor Ibrahim Abubakar (UCL & HPA), Dr Pam Sonnenberg (UCL) and Professor Tim McHugh
Dr Stefan Schwenk
Title: Riboswitch­mediated regulation of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis resuscitation promoting factor, rpfB
Dr Michelle Cairns
Title: Evolution of Clostridium difficile
Supervisors: Professor Tim McHugh, Professor Brendan Wren and Dr Nandini Shetty 
Dr Rebecca Gorton
Title: Molecular Diagnosis of Invasive Fungal Disease
Supervisor: Professor Chris Kibbler, Professor Tim McHugh

Awarded prior to 2017

Dr Alice Marriott (2016)
Title: The influence of growth conditions on the susceptibility of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to antibiotics
Supervisor: Dr Joanna Bacon, Professor Tim McHugh
Dr Laura Stoffels (2015)
Title: Microalgae as a novel production platform for antibacterial proteins
Supervisors: Dr Saul Purton (ISMB, primary), Dr Bambos Charalambous
Dr Jessica Mears (2015)
Title: Evaluation of the Tuberculosis Strain Typing Service in England
Supervisors: Professor Ibrahim Abubakar (UCL), Dr Pam Sonnenberg (UCL) and Professor Tim McHugh (UCL)
Dr Henry Taunt
Topic: Synthesis of novel antibacterial proteins in microalgae.
Supervisors: Dr Saul Purton (ISMB, primary), Dr Bambos Charalambous
Dr Marie Anne Chattaway (2014)
Title: A Novel Approach to Pathogen Recognition for Diarrhoeagenic Enteroaggregative Escherichia coli
Supervisors: Professor John Wain, Dr Clare Jenkins, Professor Tim McHugh
Dr Michael E Murphy (2015)
Title: Predicting the outcome of tuberculosis treatment
Supervisor: Professor Stephen H Gillespie (University of St Andrews), Dr Marc Lipman (RF NHS)
Project synopsis, publications and presentations
Dr Davinder Garcha (2105)
Title: Prevalence and Load of Airway Bacteria in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Supervisors: Professor Wisia Wedzicha, Professor Tim McHugh
Dr Marcus Leung
Title: Multiple colonization of Streptococcus pneumoniae as means of cell-to-cell communication and adaptive microevolution.
Supervisor: Dr Bambos Charalambous
Dr Ndekya Oriyo
Title: Longitudinal study on carriage, antibiotic resistance and prevalent serotypes of Streptococcus pneumoniae in a semi-isolated community in North-East Tanzania
Supervisor: Dr Bambos Charalambous
Second Supervisor: Professor Stephen H Gillespie (University of St Andrews)
Dr Robert Shorten (2011)
Title: The molecular epidemiology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in north London.
Supervisor: Professor Tim McHugh
Dr Amani M Alnimr (2009)
Title: Microbiological assessment of novel anti-tuberculosis compounds 
Supervisors: Professor Tim McHugh, Professor Stephen H Gillespie (University of St Andrews)