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The aim of the Centre for Clinical Microbiology is to apply new technologies to improve the diagnosis and treatment of the patients served by our partner hospitals. We have global collaborations and projects, these are anchored in and informed by the experience developed at UCL.

A priority for our work is antimicrobial resistance and we have programmes focused on enhanced detection and management of resistant organisms, particularly in the hospital environment. The work of the UCL CCM has an emphasis on respiratory infection with studies on the microbiome and resistome in patients with chronic lung disease such as COPD. A significant element of the CCMs work is to contribute to all stages of the TB drug development pathway with projects on evaluation of new compounds as well as supporting the laboratory aspects of phase II and III clinical trials. The CCM, in partnership with the TB Alliance acts as a central laboratory for multi-centre clinical trials working towards registration of new treatment regimens for tuberculosis. An underlying theme is the development of biomarkers of treatment outcome, whether transcriptomic analysis of in vitro treatments or the more complex picture of monitoring outcome in patients.

An important element of the work of CCM is capacity development, we provide training for laboratory scientists both on site and in London participating in several networks designed to enhance skills in microbiology laboratories. 

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