Division of Infection and Immunity


Grand Challenges Small Grant Success for Division PhD Students

14 January 2019

The UCL Grand Challenges Small Grants scheme stimulates new cross-disciplinary collaborations between researchers from different academic units, in order to address societally significant problems.

UCL Grand Challenges

A number of Infection and Immunity PhD students were successful in the recent Grand Challenge Small Grant call for Doctoral students.

Four applicants in total were put forward by the Division and all were funded. Recipients were:

  • Camus Nimmo, 'Mtb resistance in the lung'
  • Sylvia Rofael, 'Detecting antimicrobial resistance in chronic lung disease using nanopore-based sequencing'
  • Modupeth Betts, 'NGS methods to study pneumococcus pathogenesis'
  • Akuzike Kalizang’Oma, 'Novel computational methods to detect genetic interchange between streptococci strains'