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AHRI scientists receive NIH grant to find HIV hiding place

19 March 2018

Africa Health Research Institute (AHRI) investigator, Dr Alex Sigal, and his group, have been awarded a five-year National Institutes of Health (NIH) Research Project Grant (R01).

Africa Health Research Institute (AHRI) Durban Campus

Antiretroviral therapy (ART) has played a vital role in improving the health and life expectancy of people living with HIV. However, it does not completely eradicate the virus. The Sigal group aim to answer questions of where and how the virus persists in the body, and how it can best be targeted.

The project , titled, 'Identification of the HIV Reservoir in Lymph Nodes Using Single Cell RNA-Seq', will see the Sigal Group work with Professor Alex Shalek from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) along with other key collaborators.

The R01 provides support for health-related research and development based on the mission of the NIH.



  • Africa Health Research Institute (AHRI) Durban Campus (Credit: Ben Gilbert, Wellcome; Samora Chapman; Greg Lomas)