Division of Infection and Immunity


Students experience clinical research at IIT

29 June 2017

Nearly 150 students attended the third Institute of Immunity and Transplantation (IIT) Open Day on 27 June.

Royal Free Hospital

The event, hosted by Professor Hans Stauss, saw IIT researchers and medical professionals talk about work being undertaken within the Institute. Open day attendees were invited to experience interactive sessions in the Atrium at the Royal Free Hospital, where experts spoke to and took questions from students.

Stalls included, origami and 3D viruses, a sheep's lung and heart that students could inflate, microscopic cells, DNA extraction from strawberries, and a pipetting competition. Students from the Graveney School were invited by Professor Emma Morris to present their work with the Institute on modifying cells to improve the immune system's resistance to cancer.

The day was well received by students who indicated that they enjoyed the sessions and the opportunity to speak with experts.