Division of Infection and Immunity


Mattia Cinelli

I am a Post-graduate student in the department of immunology with a Molecular biology and Bioinformatics background. My general interest is to use and apply machine learning and data mining systems in the biology field.

My principal focus in the division of Infection and Immunity is the composition, conformation and interactions of T cell receptors (TcR), and in particular the complementary determining regions (CDR3) which are indicated by biological evidences as the critical interaction sites

TcR has a crucial role in the adaptive immune response. It is able to recognize the antigens carried out by the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules and initiate the response of immune system. It has an incredible variation and a high specificity and affinity to any antigen bound to MHC. These factors make it one of the hardest interaction systems to understand and requires the development and use of different type of computer science methodology.


My studentship is founded by Microsoft Research.