Division of Infection and Immunity


Dr Cristina Venturini

I am a postdoctoral quantitative genomic researcher at the Division of Infection and Immunity (UCL) as part of the Innate2Adaptive research group and Breuer group.

I undertook a PhD (2011-2015) between UCL and KCL in statistical genetics and genetic epidemiology exploring the role of genetic variants in quantitative phenotypes for complex diseases. As a postdoc, my work focuses on the variation in the gene expression of the innate immune system in response to pathogens, using a variety of statistical and computational models. At the moment I am mainly working on sepsis, tubercolosis and pneumococco infections. I am also interested in pathogen genomics and working on methodology for microbial GWAS, especially for varicella zoster virus.

I work also as the core bioinformatician for the Pathogen Genomics Unit (PGU) in UCL.