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IIT External Seminar: Prof Daniel Davis

24 November 2022, 12:00 pm–1:00 pm

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Hanh Gurr


Seminar room 207
Pears Building
Pond Street

Our next IIT external seminar will be held on the 24th of November - face to face at the Pears, plus virtually via Teams. Professor Daniel Davis from Imperial College London will be speaking. All are welcome to attend. 


Title: 'Watching Immune Cells Kill'

Date: 24th November 2022

Speaker: Professor Daniel Davis, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Life Sciences

Host: Steve Ley 

Time: 12:00 Seminar 

13:00 Lunch meeting with PhD students/postdocs/technicians

14:00 Meetinig with PIs (please arrange via Steve Ley/Hanh) 

17:00 Drinks reception 

Summary of the Speaker's work:

Daniel M. Davis is the Head of Life Sciences and Professor of Immunology at Imperial College London. Prior to this he was Professor of Immunology at the University of Manchester. Davis helped pioneer the nanoscale biology of immune cell recognition by employing various fluorescence techniques, including early uses of fluorescence lifetime microscopy, fluorescence recovery after photo-bleaching and super-resolution microscopy. Through direct observation of molecular recognition by immune cells, Davis made major contributions to establishing that immune cell recognition is not controlled by a simple cascade of protein-protein interactions as previously envisaged. He is the author of 145 academic papers, collectively cited over 14,000 times, and is a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences. Davis often also speaks at science, literary and music festivals, and writes widely. His most recent book, The Secret Body: received endorsements from Bill Bryson, Tim Spector, Alice Roberts, Brian Cox, Venki Ramakrishnan and others. His previous book, The Beautiful Cure, was described by Stephen Fry as ‘one of those books that makes you look at everything human in a new, challenging and thrilling way’. His first book, The Compatibility Gene, was described by Bill Bryson in the Guardian’s Books of the Year as ‘elegantly written and unexpectedly gripping’.

One-on-one meetings with the speaker can be organised via Steve Ley/Hanh (h.gurr@ucl.ac.uk).

Click here to join via Teams. Please contact Hanh Gurr (h.gurr@ucl.ac.uk) if you would like to join the seminar remotely (if the link does not work).  

PhD students and post-docs are encouraged to attend the lunch with the speaker following the seminar, please email Hanh (h.gurr@ucl.ac.uk) if you would like to attend.

We recommend to wear face masks during the seminar.