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Funding opportunties

Internal and external funding opportunities for research staff.

UCL SLMS-Relevant Major Research Funders »
Details of major research funding opportunities relevant to SLMS researchers.

UCL Funding Opportunities »
Find out about internal funding schemes available at UCL.

GRANTfinder 4 Education »
Online database of research funding opportunities.

The Academy of Medical Sciences SUSTAIN Programme »
An innovative programme of training and support for female researchers to develop leadership and career potential.

British Federation of Women Graduates »
Funding opportunities for women graduates.

Daphne Jackson Trust Fellowships »
Retraining programme for STEM professionals wishing to return to research after a break of two or more years.

L'Oreal/UNESCO Women in Science »
Fellowships to promote, enhance and encourage the contribution of women pursuing research careers.

Wellcome Trust Career Re-entry Fellowship Scheme »
Scheme for postdoctoral research scientists to re-establish their career after a continuous break of at least two years.

The Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship »
Scheme offering first step into an independent research for early career scientists requiring flexible working pattern.