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iReadMore is a new reading therapy app for improving single-word reading accuracy and speed.


It is for people with alexia or aphasia due to a stroke, brain injury or dementia (including primary progressive aphasia).


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iReadMore adapts to your abilities, keeping the therapy relevant and challenging.


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All of our therapies are developed through years of dedicated research at UCL.


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iReadMore allows you to be in control of your own therapy and track your recovery.


Who is iReadMore for?

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How does iReadMore work?

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iReadMore Research Summary

  • iReadMore therapy has been demonstrated to significantly improve reading speed in people with pure alexia (Woodhead et al., 2013) and central alexia/aphasia (Woodhead et al., 2018)
  • In the clinical trial of iReadMore, the average improvement in reading accuracy was 8.7% (Cohen's d = 1.38 - large effect size) for trained words. This improvement was maintained at a 3 month follow-up.
  • An analysis of MEG data revealed that iReadMore therapy significantly alters the brain network connectivity of stroke survivors (Kerry et al., 2019).
  • In an ongoing study, anonymised data from users of the therapy will be collected to evaluate the clinical effectiveness of the therapy and further our insights into reading rehabilitation.

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