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Disaggregated Recursive Datacentre-in-a-Box (dRedBox)

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1 January 2010

Developing optical networks and computer architectures to disaggregate processors from memory and accelerators towards ultimate disaggregated Rack-Scale Data Centres.

Funder Horizon 2020
Amount £ 515 000

Project website http://www.dredbox.eu/

Research topics Optical interconnects | Data Centre Networks | Computer architectures | Reconfigurable computing


In today’s cloud data centres, the physical system is composed of individual server units contributing processing, memory, accelerators and storage resources. However, this arrangement incurs a significant waste of these resources as well as low power utilisation, due to the inherent inability to closely match user IT requirements to the resources available within a single server or sets of servers. The challenge in this arrangement is to be more efficient, flexible and agile with these resources. dReDBox aspires to create a pooled-computing model, enabling an arbitrary sizing of disaggregated IT resources, deploying them where and when required, to perfectly match cloud user requirements. The consortium plans to deliver a full-fledged, vertically integrated data centre-in-a-box prototype to showcase the superiority of disaggregation in terms of scalability, efficiency, reliability, performance and energy reduction.