Institute of Communications and Connected Systems


QUantum Dot On Silicon systems for communications, information processing and sensing (QUDOS)

Schematic image of device showing optical inputs and outputs

1 November 2020

Creating a new integration platform for photonic systems on silicon

Funder EPSRC 
Amount £ 6 123 239

Project website gow.epsrc.ukri.org

Research topics Quantum dot | Silicon photonics | Photonic systems | Photonic integration | Optoelectronics


The sensing, processing and transport of information is at the heart of modern life, as can be seen from the ubiquity of smart-phone usage on any street. From our interactions with the people who design, build and use the systems that make this possible, we have created a programme to make possible the first data interconnects, switches and sensors that use lasers monolithically integrated on silicon, offering the potential to transform Information and Communication Technology (ICT) by changing fundamentally the way in which data is sensed, transferred between and processed on silicon chips.

The work builds on our demonstration of the first successful telecommunications wavelength lasers directly integrated on silicon substrates. The QUDOS Programme will enable the monolithic integration of all required optical functions on silicon and will have a similar transformative effect on ICT to that which the creation of silicon integrated electronic circuits had on electronics. This will come about through removing the need to assemble individual components, enabling vastly increased scale and functionality at greatly reduced cost.


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