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ICCS researchers win young author best paper award

5 January 2022

Fan Liu and Ang Li, former researchers in UCL's ICCS under the supervision of Prof Christos Masouros, have won a young author best paper award from the IEEE Signal Processing Society

IEEE SPS logo, and sketch from paper showing MIMO antennas providing communication to User Equipment and Targeting of Radar targets.

Author: Robert Thompson, Strategic Alliance Director

MIMO | integrated communications | RADAR

Dr Fan Liu and Dr Ang Li, former research associates in the UCL Dept. Electronic and Electrical Engineering, have won a prestigious young author best paper award for a paper presenting their work undertaken at UCL.

Co-recipients, the award was also presented to fellow author Longfei Zhou of Peking University, Beijing. The supervising authors of the work were UCL ICCS member Professor Christos Masouros, and Professor Athina Petropulu of the Rutgers University, New Jersey.

The paper, entitled "Toward Dual-functional Radar-Communication Systems: Optimal Waveform Design", explores a system that provides both communication and radar functionality at the same time. A single transmitter with multiple antennas communicates with downlink cellular users and detects radar targets simultaneously.

The prestigious award will be presented by the IEEE Signal Processing Society during the International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP) 2022 in Singapore.

Congratulations to all the authors!