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Security, Privacy, and the Human Connection

19 January 2024, 12:00 pm–1:00 pm

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Join us for this special talk by Marco Camisani Calzolari uncovering the hidden threats and vulnerabilities to your privacy and security in the era of Artificial Intelligence.

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Dr Anna Maria Mandalari


IALS Lecture Theatre
Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
17 Russell Square
United Kingdom

Many believe that privacy concerns only involve trivial personal data, but in reality, it encompasses every aspect of our lives. In today's era of Artificial Intelligence, connecting the dots of online data allows malicious attackers to glean information about us, from our location to our companions and our conversations.

Similarly, the perception of computer security faces comparable issues. The world's most common password, '123456', highlights the prioritization of convenience over security until an account breach occurs, making us realize the critical importance of security measures.

Nowadays, we are surrounded by devices equipped with sensors, microphones, and cameras, on which we document significant parts of our lives. Unfortunately, this digital landscape is new for many, lacking the inherited wisdom from previous generations that would establish privacy and security as fundamental principles in a child life. In this talk, we will address the underestimated nature of these concerns, both by individuals and the companies handling our data. We'll explore how cybercriminals exploit vulnerabilities in the Internet, highlighting how our personal data is now available for purchase on the dark web.

Meet the Speaker

Marco has been involved in the digital world for 35 years. He is a University adj.professor, consultant, author, scientific communicator and public figure. Thanks to his profound knowledge of the world of technology, he has established himself as a pioneer of the digital sector in Italy. Driven by curiosity towards technological innovation and the latest digital trends, in particular those that enables and simplifies communication between people, Marco has dedicated his professional life to a mission: to make the digital world more understandable and usable so that technology can be a tool in the hands of man and not vice versa. Alongside a long academic career, consolidated between Italy and abroad, he has always cultivated his passion for scientific dissemination. As host and personality of numerous radio and television programs, over the years he has reached the general public, helping Italians to be more aware of the dynamics, opportunities and risks that the digital world presents. At the same time as his academic and dissemination activity, over the years he has held numerous institutional roles, including the recent role in the Prime Minister’s Office as Expert in the Committee for the definition of the Italy's Artificial Intelligence strategies. He is currently a digital correspondent for Striscia La Notizia, a program broadcasted on Mediaset networks, a testimonial for the Postal Police for prevention and awareness campaigns on online risks, as well as a consultant for the Department of Digital Transformation.

To find out more about Marco and his work, you can visit his personal website here.

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