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Online Seminar | Cloud as the Engine of a successful business and digital transformation

26 May 2021, 11:30 am–12:30 pm

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Cloud has become a must-have service, offering agility, scalability, savings and innovations. Etienne Bonhomme, General Manager France of Orange Cloud for Business, will present cloud computing technologies and how they have become an essential lever for the development and transformation of companies.

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Robert Thompson – Institute of Communications and Connected Systems

Cloud as the Engine of a successful business and digital transformation

With the increasing digitalisation of the economy and the explosion in data volume, companies are massively moving to the cloud. It is more cost-effective and represents a fundamental pillar of their digital transformation: the cloud provides both greater flexibility and access to the most innovative software ecosystems. 

The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the move to Cloud trend: more than ever, companies need optimisation and agility, remote access to their applications, resilience, and the ability to position themselves quickly on new services or markets.

Etienne will first present the fundamentals of cloud computing before highlighting its added value in the data journey.  Next, he will explain the competitive landscape and finally discuss how the perception of the cloud is evolving from an infrastructure perspective to a real business platform.

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This session will be chaired by: Izzat Darwazeh

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About the Speaker

Etienne Bonhomme

General Manager France Of Orange Cloud for Business at Orange Business Services

Etienne Bonhomme holds Master’s degrees in engineering from Telecom SudParis and from the University College of London. He joined Orange Group in 2010.

Since then he has enjoyed a very diverse career in operational and business functions with a strong focus on B2B, starting by taking responsibility within OBS operations teams for large & international projects until 2012 ; then he joined OBS sales teams as global account manager for large accounts during three years. In 2015, he joined Orange France B2C market as Head of Sales, managing Orange Stores in Paris area, until 2017. He then came back to OBS as VP Sales for Key Accounts.

In October 2019, he became General Manager France of Orange Cloud for Business.

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