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Workshop: Emerging Technology for the Performing Arts

25 July 2019, 9:45 am–4:00 pm

Theater stage

Artists, Technologists and Engineers come together to explore the application and development of emerging technology for the performing arts

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Robert Thompson – Institute of Communications and Connected Systems


Bloomsbury Studio
Roberts Building - University College London
United Kingdom


The workshop will bring together a cross-section of artists, technicians, dance and theatre practitioners, and engineers. Together we will explore how new & emerging technologies can collaboratively innovate with creatives and artists to develop new dimensions for expression or technologies to be used in live performance and related art forms.


The day is being curated in order to: 

  • Facilitate knowledge exchange and discussion between the different groups on the day, informing everyone's practice.
  • Identify opportunities for artists, technologists and academic engineers to collaborate in technology and artistic research or innovation for performance.
  • Identify potential ideas and partnerships for future funding proposals.


09:45Arrival - Coffee and refreshments
10:15Introduction to: ICCS, UCL and performance lab. Outline aims of the day. – Rob Thompson

Introduction from attendees, / speed meeting

11:15Overview of the capabilities and expertise of UCL and ICCS, explaining how we see the potential applications to performing arts. – Rob Thompson & Laura Toni
11:30Choreography and technology through motion capture – Max Volpini
11:45Facilitated discussion & feedback – “How can emerging technology create greater engagement between the audience and the performance or artform
12:30Madison Square Garden Sphere - a venue for the future, – Hazel Marsh, MSG group
12:45Lunch & Discussion (Lunch will be provided)
13:45Hologauze – Demonstration of holographic projections using cutting edge hologauze material and technology. –  Hugo Stanbury, Holotronica

A personal perspective ag integrating artistic performance and technology Alex Whitley

14:30Motion capture for dance, an overview of academic work into the integration of motion capture and dance –  Andreas Aristidou, RISE and University of Cyprus, Cyprus
14:45Facilitated discussion & feedback – "What artistic desires are there to use emerging technology to augment performance and related artforms" 
15:30Closing discussion, potential next steps, and potential funding
15:45Coffee and discussion

This event is invite only, if you wish to attend please email robert.j.thompson@ucl.ac.uk.


An attendee list will be circulated closer to the date.
Attendees are asked to supply registration details.


This event is being organised as part of UCL Cultures new Performance Lab Programme that supports artistic/academic partnerships and develops new live performances that are centred on research.