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Set in the not too distant future, Mei-Lin, a senior engineer for the technology conglomerate KINETIX, has found herself entangled in a tragic accident at work and questioning if she is right to be feeling guilty.
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Black Box Home

Explore the lives of our 5 characters trying to navigate a not-to-distant future and join the 'Black box' debate

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A stay-at-home dad of two, Bryn is grateful for the support his virtual assistant 'Jenifer' can provide him but is facing a dilemma as to what level Jenifer should really play in the family dynamic

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A lawyer who fights to ensure her clients are fairly treated by the legal system, Simone is facing new technology in the courtroom and is questioning if this approach really provides fair and unbiased justice

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A data-aware student, fed up of being talked down to, Aleena is well aware of the good things new AI technology can do, but wishes her friends would open their eyes to what their collective data could do

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A widower in his late 60s, Johnathan has felt somewhat reassured by the technology monitoring his health, but when his virtual assistant ‘Jenifer’ tells him to visit the GP he struggles to understand some of the decisions

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