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Rosbif on the menu? The UPC's "mildly exorbitant" long-arm jurisdiction

By Dr Christopher Stothers, Honorary Professor, UCL Institute of Brand and Innovation Law

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18 April 2023

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Christopher Stothers, 'Rosbif on the menu? The UPC's "mildly exorbitant" long-arm jurisdiction' (2023) 45(5) European Intellectual Property Review 245.


This article takes a detailed look at the origins of the Unified Patent Court’s (UPC) 'mildly exorbitant' long-arm jurisdiction: from traditional national bases for jurisdiction excluded by the Brussels Convention, through proposals for the Recast Regulation, and finally to the travaux préparatoires which led to Regulation 542/2014 amending the Recast Regulation for the UPC. Following Brexit, it considers the implications for enforcement in the UPC of European Patents designating the United Kingdom (along with Turkey and Switzerland) and the challenges which this new jurisdiction is likely to face in the initial years of the UPC.