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The Institute of Brand and Innovation Law acts a focal point for the study of IP Law at UCL. Co-directors teach at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and supervise PhD researchers.

Studying and Researching IP Law 

Intellectual property law has long been a popular subject at UCL Laws. The taught IP modules are led by IBIL's co-directors, Professor Ilanah Fhima, Dr Matt Fisher and Dr Alina Trapova.

Undergraduate (LLB)

As an undergraduate at UCL Laws, you'll be encouraged to develop a critical understanding of how the law works and how it can be changed. Intellectual Property Law is offered as a final year 30 credit module. Over the course of the module, you'll examine the law which governs the main IP rights, including patents, trade marks, copyright and trade secrets, and become acquainted with key principles and policy issues. Find out more information about undergraduate study here, and the IP Law module here.

Graduate (LLM)

On the Master of Laws (LLM) programme at UCL Laws, you’ll be joining a community of some of the brightest and most ambitious graduate students from all over the world. The LLM Programme includes a specialism in Intellectual Property LawClick here for further details of entry requirements, scholarships, and how to apply for the UCL LLM (including the flexible LLM). Students interested in completing the UCL LLM in Intellectual Property may like to contact the Laws Graduate Office at llm-admissions@ucl.ac.uk.

LLM Scholarships

Find out more about LLM scholarships here.


A PhD at UCL Laws will allow you to pursue original research and make a distinct and significant contribution to your field. Members of the Institute welcome approaches from those interested in conducting PhD research. We have particular expertise in:

  • Copyright law
  • Patent law
  • Trade mark law
  • Unfair competition
  • Breach of confidence/privacy
  • European aspects of intellectual property law
  • Comparative intellectual property law
  • Intellectual property theory
  • The competition/intellectual property interface
  • Interdisciplinarity, doctrinal, empirical and comparative methodologies

Find out about current and recent PhD projects here, here and here. Click here for more information on how to apply to UCL Laws, and email phd-law@ucl.ac.uk with any queries.

IBIL PhD Conference 2024

Find out more about how you can participate in our IP Research Conference, especially for PhD students here.

IBIL PhD Scholarship 2024/25

The UCL Institute of Brand and Innovation Law is offering a scholarship in 2024/25. The scholarship will fund one PhD student to undertake research in the field of Intellectual Property, and will provide a stipend of at least £20,622 per year for 3 years. Fees at the Home rate are covered (the scholarship is open to international students as well; if successful, an international student would receive a discount on the international fees equivalent to the value of the Home fees, and would need to cover the difference with their own funds).

The Institute of Brand and Innovation Law would like to thank its sponsors for their generosity, which has made this scholarship possible.

IBIL PhD Conference 2022

Find out more about the IBIL PhD Conference held in June 2022 here