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Technology Transfer published by Visiting Professor Mark Anderson

25 February 2020

image of Mark Anderson and the book Technology Transfer

Visiting Professor Mark Anderson is celebrating the publication of the fourth edition of his book, Technology Transfer (Bloomsbury, 1100 pages, £250), 24 years after the publication of the first edition. Written for IP practitioners, it has also been used as a text for teaching in universities. It forms part of a suite of commercial law textbooks that he and his colleagues have written. The others comprise: A-Z Guide to Boilerplate and Commercial Clauses (4th edn, Bloomsbury, 2017), Drafting and Negotiating Commercial Contracts (4th edn, Bloomsbury, 2016), Execution of Documents (3rd edn, Law Society, 2015), and Drafting Confidentiality Agreements (3rd edn, Law Society, 2014).

He has also recently written chapters in books, including Technology Transactions (ed: Professor de Werra, University of Geneva; Schulthess Editions Romandes 2018) and LIDC Contributions on Antitrust Law, Intellectual Property and Unfair Competition (collection of reports from 2019 LIDC annual congress, Springer, 2020).