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Unitemps FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the Unitemps service

Is there a charge to use the Unitemps service?

Yes, there is a charge of 5% or 8% depending on the type of recruitment. This will be added on top of the hourly rate and holiday pay combined.

  • 5% fee applies to direct bookings, where you have already identified suitable candidate(s) for your job(s).

  • 8% fee applies to 360 recruitment where Unitemps sources suitable candidate(s) for your job(s).

Can Unitemps advertise vacancies?

Yes, we can advertise vacancies. In addition, we can shortlist candidates and arrange interviews. If you have a role you want us to advertise, please get in touch to discuss the recruitment timelines.

What kind of roles can you provide end-to-end recruitment for?

We recruit for a number of different roles on a 360 basis including part-time, student-friendly roles such as ambassadors, roles within student engagement and events assistants. As well as these, we recruit for full and part-time administrative, secretarial, finance, research, communications and more. Some of the roles that we have recently recruited for include: Research Administrator, Programme Support, Internship and Vacancy Administrator, Student Partnerships Assistant and HR Officer.

Can Unitemps process jobs requiring DBS checks?

Yes, Unitemps would conduct Enhanced DBS checks for jobs that require this. Please contact us at least three weeks in advance to allow us to arrange the DBS appointment and conduct the check. If more than 10 people need DBS checks, we would need at least four weeks’ notice. Whilst most checks come back within a week, please note that it may take up to 8 weeks for the DBS outcome. The Unitemps team does not keep DBS certificates on file and these are sent to individuals only. If you would like a copy of the DBS certificate, please ask the Unitemps worker to present you with this.

Is Unitemps just for students?

No. While Unitemps will be used to manage student ambassadors, helpers and other work that is often undertaken by our students, Unitemps will also manage the sourcing and placement of other, non-student temporary workers at UCL.

Will Unitemps process academic staff?

Individuals who come to do a short-term academic engagement at UCL, but who are employed by another organisation, will be managed through Unitemps. This will include academics coming to carry out one-off lectures, examinations, invigilation etc. Unitemps cannot be used to fill an academic position or engage Teaching Fellows, Teaching Assistants or PGTAs.

Why do my temporary workers have to show their Right to Work documents to Unitemps?

The Unitemps department is responsible for managing right to work checks and arrangements in relation to the work assignment at UCL. Verifying Right to work documents is a legal requirement, more information can be found here www.gov.uk/check-job-applicant-right-to-work

What if I have a current agency worker, can they work for Unitemps now? 

No, agency workers should continue as they are.

How quickly will you process my request?

We aim to process direct booking requests within three working days.

If you need us to source and shortlist candidates for you, please allow a minimum of five working days for us to process your booking, publish the advertisement and send a list of candidates. If you have a more urgent requirement, we will do our best to accommodate shorter timescales although this may not always be possible. Please call us to discuss this.

What are the steps candidates have to take to be able to work and be paid via Unitemps?

  1. Register on www.unitemps.com
  2. Accept the assignment (link sent via email)
  3. Complete a Right to Work check.
  4. Complete a Payroll form with bank details and tax information

The steps are outlined in our initial email we send every candidate working a new role through Unitemps. Once the candidate completes these steps, we are able to book them into their role; at this point both the candidate and the hiring manager will receive a confirmation email. From that point on they will be able to submit timesheets online after having worked.

How do I arrange UCL log-in details and access to campus for Unitemps workers? 

UCL log-in details and access to campus is arranged by the department. Please contact the department’s Services System user to request this. More information can be found here. If you need any information from Unitemps such as contact details of the workers, please email us at unitemps@ucl.ac.uk

How is Unitemps holiday pay calculated?

Unitemps workers accrue holiday pay with every hour they work via Unitemps. This is calculated at 18.72% of the hourly rate, equivalent to 41 days per annum inclusive of statutory and public holidays. Holiday pay is accrued as soon as a timesheet is authorised by the department and can be claimed via the Unitemps website by the candidate.

Workers can claim this holiday at any time, but the intention is that they claim it when they are actually on leave/ out of the office, so they are not financially disadvantaged. Holiday pay doesn’t get lost and if unclaimed by July, this will be automatically paid to the worker at the end of July.

Do Unitemps workers receive sick pay?

If one of your temps is absent due to sickness or illness, then they may be eligible for Statutory Sick Pay provided that they meet the relevant statutory criteria. Please note that Statutory Sick Pay is not payable for the first 3 days of the period of absence.

If they wish to claim SSP they will be expected to complete a Self-Certification Form to cover the first 7 days of absence (including non-working days) and thereafter they will need to supply a Statement of Fitness to Work from their General Practitioner or other authorised medical professional (e.g. consultant). 

How and when are employer NI and pension charged?

NI is based on total gross pay during the pay period, not on the number of hours worked. If the worker meets the earnings threshold for NI then 15.05% NI will be charged on earnings above the earnings limit. Payroll will be able to provide the earnings limit for the relevant tax year. If the temporary worker decides to remain in the pension scheme, then 19% SAUL employers pension contribution or 21.4% USS employers pension contribution will be included in the recharge on both pay and holiday pay.

If the candidate undertakes work for two departments, these would be charged on an equitable basis. For example, if 60% of the candidate’s gross pay is related to department A, then department A would be charged 60% of any employers NI and pension payable during the period.

Where can I find the Unitemps timesheet cut off dates?

Pay dates and timesheet cut-off dates are available on the HR Payroll page. Please make sure you authorise timesheets by the stated deadlines to ensure candidates are paid on time.

Can I run my own Unitemps reports?

Yes, you can run your own reports from the unitemps.com website using your username and password to log-in. You can run timesheet reports based on your jobs, temporary workers, cost code, timesheet submission date and so on. If you need a specific report which you can’t obtain, please contact us at unitemps@ucl.ac.uk and we may be able to help.

How do I create a client Unitemps account?

Client accounts are created by the Unitemps team for line managers and timesheet authorisers. Please contact the team at unitemps@ucl.ac.uk to request a client account for yourself. We will need your name, job title, department your work for and org code, email address and phone number.