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Pay Dates and Cut-off dates

Payroll deadlines

Pay Dates

For monthly paid staff, pay day is the last working day of the month except for December when pay day is moved to take account of the Christmas closure. The December pay date will be posted on this page.

Payroll Deadline Dates

Publicised cut off dates are the latest date that information should be submitted. Any transactions outside of the following deadlines will not be processed until the following pay period and departments should advise their staff accordingly.

Some deadlines are earlier than other months to reflect public/bank holidays or early pay days such as December.

Please note that the deadline dates may occasionally change and you are advised to periodically revisit the website to review any amendments.   

Bank Details

For new starters and change of bank details, deadlines for inclusion in the month’s payroll are shown below. Any bank details provided after this date may not be actioned until the following pay period.

   Month                                    DT Submission
Deadline (excluding payments but
including one off worker requests)
DT Submission
Deadline for Payments
Bank Details
Submission Deadline
 Pay Day                            
Feb-202129-Jan01 Feb17-Feb26-Feb
Dec-202122 Nov25 Nov13 Dec23 Dec

Unitemps timesheet cut off dates 2021

Please note, if new starter information is provided after the respective 'DT Submission Deadline' mentioned above, this could result in a delay in candidate’s first payment.

Pay DayCandidate timesheet cut-off dateManager to authorise by
23 December23 November24 November
29 January10 January12 January
26 February07 February09 February
31 March07 March09 March
30 April11 April13 April
28 May09 May11 May
30 June06 June08 June
30 July11 July13 July
27 August08 August10 August
30 September12 September14 September
29 October10 October12 October
30 November07 November09 November