UCL Human Resources


Disclosure of information about staff to HESA

The Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) was established in 1992 to collect statistical information from Higher Education Institutions and to provide certain information to the Higher Education funding councils and the Government. In common with all other Higher Education Institutions in the UK, UCL is required to provide HESA with information relating to students (both undergraduate and postgraduate) and staff.

The information provided to HESA about staff will not include your name or contact details but may otherwise identify you. It includes details about your employment contract, the work that you do and your salary. It also includes personal details about you such as your date of birth and your nationality. In addition, it may include information about your disability status, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender reassignment or religion, this information is necessary for monitoring equality of opportunity and eliminating unlawful discrimination in accordance with the Equality Act 2010. Your sensitive information will be used for research purposes and will not be used to make decisions about you. Not all data items are collected for all staff, the exact set of variables relating to you will depend on your role and contract.

The information supplied to HESA is used by them for a variety of purposes and they must comply with data protection law. Further details about how HESA collects and uses your personal information is available from the staff collection notice on the HESA website.