UCL Human Resources


How were the Ways of Working created?

The framework was built for and by professional services staff based across UCL from faculties, departments, institutes and other academic units to VP offices and central services  responding to responded to a widespread need for clear, consistent articulation of behaviours that support staff development and progression. 

Consultation began in June 2018 with a survey that asked representative staff at all levels about typical behaviours that they positively associate with success at UCL, and behaviours are seen to be counter-productive. 
A draft framework was then created and consulted on, developing in response to comments and feedback from representatives of professional services staff and the wider UCL community. In total over 200 people responded to this exercise, providing useful feedback that was adapted into the framework.

One of the key pieces of feedback was about creating a supportive development component which would not only illustrate behaviours that were expected, but give direction for development. The Steps to Development were then created to address this need in the first half of this year, and, again, further consulted on. Please see The Ways of Working to explore the Steps to Development by grade. 
The framework is initially being piloted in UCL professional services before extending further across UCL. However, the framework can be used by staff outside professional services if useful to support development conversations and activities.