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Team Members’ Guidance Notes

These guidance notes are designed to help you use the UCL Core Behaviours Framework in reviewing and planning your professional development activities.

You should read them alongside the UCL Core Behaviours Framework document, which contains full details of each behaviour, and the accompanying Overview document.

How can using the UCL Core Behaviours benefit me?

How can using the UCL Core Behaviours benefit me?

UCL’s Core Behaviours Framework provides you with a tool designed to help you:

  • Identify and plan your professional development to meet the challenges of your current role.
  • Develop a Personal Development Plan (PDP) in-line with your career aspirations, by considering those behaviours which you might want to develop to enhance your career prospects.

How can I develop my understanding of the UCL Core Behaviours?

You should familiarise yourself with the UCL Core Behaviours Framework by reading through the Framework, the accompanying Overview document and this Guidance note. This will help you develop your understanding of what is meant by each behaviour, how you might identify those you most want to develop and how you can go about doing so.

You can also discuss the Framework with your colleagues and line manager and consider how using it might benefit your individual and team activities.

How do the UCL Core Behaviours link to the Appraisal process?

All professorial and other Grade 10 staff must consider how they have used the UCL Core Behaviours when completing the appraisal process.

Staff with line management responsibilities and who do not hold a Grade 10 position should also consider the UCL Core Behaviours when completing their appraisal. Doing so will help you develop your line management skills and will help embed good practice across the university.

All other staff should use the Framework when creating their Professional Development Plan (PDP).

How many UCL Core Behaviours should I develop at any one time?

There is no right answer here – it’s as many as you feel comfortable with developing at any one time. It’s also likely that if you are developing in one area then you are developing in others as well.

As a rule of thumb it’s probably best to focus on no more than two or three Core Behaviours at the same time. This is because to do so you may identify one or more development actions per behaviour, such that focusing on more than three may overload you with development activities. It is, however, at your discretion.

Practically, how can I use the UCL Core Behaviours to help me identify and plan my development activities?

To help you identify and plan development activities suitable for your current role, you should do the following:

  • Consider what you need to do at work over the next year. You will probably have an idea of what this involves from your appraisal and from discussions with your line manager, however if in doubt you should contact your line manager to discuss.
  • Then, using the UCL Core Behaviours Framework to help you, think about those behaviours where you think some additional development would help you with your work. You should think about:
    o The level at which you should be developing the behaviour, i.e. self, team or institution.
    o What it is you would like to do differently or improve upon – the behavioural statements may help you define this.
    o How you will know if you have successfully developed the behaviour.
  • When you know the behaviour you want to develop, you should look at how you can best do so. In some cases you might want to attend a course, in others you might want to search the web for information or meet with a colleague who can help you. You should also remember to think about how you might gain the experience of using the behaviour outside of UCL, e.g. if you are involved as a School Governor or with a sports team or local society then you are probably developing some behaviours there. You should also discuss your plans with your line manager, who may be able to advise.
  • To develop the behaviours you may require for a future role, you should review the Framework and consider:
    o What Core Behaviours you think the role is most likely to require (including any that may not be contained within the UCL Core Behaviours Framework).
    o The level at which you may need to display these, e.g. self, team or institution.
    o How you may be required to use the behaviour in that role.

    As well as discussing this with your line manager, you might want to look at Job Descriptions for roles that may interest you in future as well as talking to individuals already working in the role(s).
  • Once you have identified the Core Behaviours you want to develop and how you will go about doing so, remember to enter these on your Personal Development Plan (PDP).

What should I avoid doing when using the UCL Core Behaviours?

The Framework is designed to provide you with a development tool. It is not a comprehensive listing of all possible ways that you could express a particular Core Behaviour. You should therefore:

  • Avoid limiting yourself to activities suggested by the Framework, especially if you can think of other ways in which to describe or develop the behaviour in a way that works better for you.
  • Avoid focusing solely on the ‘ineffective behaviours’. Yes, you want to avoid these behaviours, however you also want to develop the ‘effective’ ones.

How can I identify suitable development opportunities to help me develop my behaviours?

You should discuss those UCL Core Behaviours you want to develop with your line manager, including how doing so will help you develop yourself to meet the demands of your current role and also help you progress your career plans.

Details of available and centrally-provided UCL development activities can be found on UCL’s HR OD webpage. You should also consider any other development opportunities available to you, including those which you can access outside of the university. This is especially important when thinking about your future career plans as UCL’s resources are limited and you want to explore various approaches to obtaining the development that will help your further your career.

Where can I gain further information?

If you have any questions about the UCL Core Behaviours or how to use them you should refer in the first instance to your line manager and to the Overview document