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Sleep and recharging

Find support below to help you get good quality and the right amount of sleep. 

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According to The Sleep Charity, over 50% of British employees take time off work due to feeling tired or not having enough sleep.  

Sleep is fundamental to our survival; we spend a third of our lives asleep. It’s crucial to ensure positive health and wellbeing, without the right amount of sleep you are more likely to feel anxious or depressed. Consistent poor sleep can trigger more serious mental health conditions such as psychosis or paranoia. Find support below to help you get good quality and the right amount of sleep.

Support for improving sleep

Employee Assistance programme: staff support service

Getting more and better sleep is made up of 10 chapters. Topics range from the secrets to successful sleep to exploring what happens when we sleep. 

Insomnia? Mind racing at night? Worries keeping you up? 

  • Sleep Aid offers 7 soothing, mindful meditations to help you unwind and fall into a deep and restful sleep. 
  • Use these relaxation sound meditations to help you unwind before you try to sleep: Healing sounds, Birdsong in the Woods, Babbling Brook 
  • Sleep with me offers hundreds of bedtime stories to help you forget your problems. The stories progressively get more boring to help you to gradually fall asleep.  

The Sleep Charity

Read advice sheets for adults, teens, children and shift workers. Speak to trained sleep advisor via their sleep helpline or access one of their courses

Mental Health Foundation

Read their ‘How to sleep better guide’. The Mental Health Foundation explain there are four pillars of good sleep (HEAL): 

  • Health 
  • Environment 
  • Attitude 
  • Lifestyle  

The guide explains how the four pillars affect your sleep, along with suggestions on what you can do to improve your sleep and when to seek help from your GP. 

NHS Better Health

The NHS has resources dedicated to tackling sleep problems, including:

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Sleeposium at UCL 

In October 2018 we invited Dr Sophie Bostock to talk to us about sleep. Watch her talk packed full of useful tips to help us sleep better below. Sophie is a UK Innovation Lead at Big Health, the company behind Sleepio, NHS Innovation Accelerator Fellow and Sleep Evangelist. Sophie has a PhD in Health Psychology from UCL and her research interests include the links between sleep, well-being, health and performance. She is a TEDx speaker, and has featured as a sleep expert for ITV and the BBC. If you missed this talk, you can watch it here.

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Further reading

Read the latest articles published by sleep experts at UCL: 

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